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Back Again

A wee bit more than a month ago, Nov 10th, I headed home after two weeks in Telluride. At the time, I figured it’d be at least until February or March before my next visit. Wound up not taking that long.

A week and a half ago, I got word that the December monthly meeting of Telluride’s Talking Gourds poetry club, had been moved from the 6th to the 14th. Since I have Wednesdays and Thursdays off from work, I would be able to attend. Further, the guest poet was going to be, Elissa Dickson, who is currently the San Miguel County Poet Laureate and also someone whom I wanted to hear read their poetry. Finally, Dec 14th is my birthday. All these plusses converging, what other choice did I have, but attend?

When I arrived at the venue, last night, it was packed. The only time I’d seen as many folks attend a Talking Gourds was the night Jewel (the singer/songwriter) was one of the guest poets. Last night’s draw was Elissa. She works at the library, is outgoing, and has lived in Telluride for a number of years. Her friends, peeps, loved ones, and other supporters had filled the room.

Speaking for myself, I scarcely know Elissa; I’ve seen her a few times at previous Talking Gourds, and have heard a few of her performance and written poems. Even so with such seemingly little to go on regarding Elissa, my regard for her, and my appreciation and respect of her talents, was enough to cause me to come for the night in Telluride: (Four-and-a-half hour drive, each way; three mountain passes, also each way; not to mention the cost of gas and a hotel room, and the sorta “loss” of my two days off from work.) There are very few others I’d willingly do this for. So, if  I, “scarcely” knowing her as I do, immediately decided to come to Telluride in order to hear her, is it any wonder she packed the house with those who know her far better?

Of course, and to be sure, once I’m here, spending time in Telluride isn’t any burden. I’ve lost count of my overnight(s) visits over the past three or four years, but I’m pretty sure it’s in at least the upper teens. As always, I stayed at Mountainside Inn, and stopped by the local Indie bookstore, Between the Covers, (two times, this time), to buy needed books and the like. Also, I got to touch base with some of own Telluridian “friends, peeps, loved ones, and other supporters.”

Even though I’ll have to be at work by 4AM, tomorrow, “what other choice did I have,” but to come? (Place your bets now, on whether I’ll be able to wait until next year’s Lit Fest, in May, to return.)

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Outta Dodge

About a week ago, I saw how work was getting to me, so I planned an overnight visit to Telluride. Back when I booked my room, the weather was fine, but this is Colorado. On the two days leading up to yesterday’s arrival, Telluride got dumped on, and was even under a winter storm warning, halfway through the evening before I got here. However, because this is Colorado, the skies cleared, and I arrived in glaring sunlight. Kinda makes me think this trip was meant to be.

Just another typical Telluride street.

Just another typical Telluride street.

Once I’d solidified my plans to come, I contacted Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, to see if she’d be able to help me with my poeming. She’s currently busy, even for her, yet she made time. So much resulted from our session, so much she had to say and suggest, I wish I’d been able to somehow record the session. So much is likely lost because I didn’t write it immediately down after we parted. (But then, that’s how life goes: We’re never able to get it all; we just do our best, continually carrying on with what we have.)

I’ve never spent just a single night In Telluride. It seems odd to be turning around today, already, to head back home. And I arrived here with no plan, no agenda (other than my meeting w/Rosemerry). I simply needed and wanted some time away, to get outta Dodge, to regain another perspective. To finally catch the breath that kept escaping me.

And by all systems of my measure, it does seem to have been such a getting my feet back under me, of having gotten back into better synch with the world. But, this has been me visiting Telluride; so, of course, there’s been more. No small part of what’s taken place has touched on personal issues which tie into the recalibration mentioned previously. But it seems this trip is being about strengthening my writing. About showing me how it’s fecundly threaded throughout my life. Showing me other ways to access it, other ways to bring it to bear. Then, all this also ties back to, “[getting] into better synch with the world.”

So, I reckon this overnight in Telluride has been about transitioning from sinking to synching.

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