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Homeward Bound

This’ll likely be another not-about-writing post. And it’s a bit “early,” this being Tuesday rather than Thursday.

This afternoon, my father passed away. It was sudden in that he and I spoke on the phone, last Monday, and he sounded fine. It’s perhaps not so sudden in that he quickly afterward began turning for the worse, winding up in the Emergency Department, and then the ICU, yesterday. He was in and out of consciousness. His kidneys had shut down. His breathing and bp persisted in bottoming out every time he was taken off the oxygen mask.

So, early tomorrow morning, I’ll be driving down to San Antonio. Mom’s still alive, but currently in rehab. Like Dad, she’s been in shaky and fragile health for months and months, if not years. October of last year, we three kids (I’ve one older brother, one older sister) visited Mom and Dad, helping them celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. They celebrated 61 years while they were both in rehab. Now, there’ll be a whole other round of different anniversaries.

I’m a writer, so there’ll be more on this subject in some form or another. Maybe even here.




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