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First Steps

After getting home from work, last Sunday, I decided to remove a stack of books from where I’d planned to move a bookshelf. All I intended to do was just that, and maybe go on ahead and move the bookshelf, too. Later, likely days later, I’d also move the filing cabinet and my desk. Turned out that once I got the the bookshelf in-place, I wanted to get the other two items moved while I was at it, so I did.





Getting these three items better situated is one of the small steps toward getting writing more front and center in my life. As you can see, I didn’t remove the clutter so much as straighten it up some. There’s still that to be dealt with, along with paring down my possessions and getting what remains better organized. And, too, publicizing my writing and editing, and (of course) sitting at my desk and actually writing.

Sounds like just the project for the upcoming new year.


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