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One More Small Step

There’s a local on-line literary journal that’s in the works, and its head-honcho recently put the word out that he was looking for editors. Actually, it’d been a good week or longer, and I was interested in applying for both fiction and creative non-fiction, but hadn’t gotten around to doing so.

Well, yesterday, I finally emailed, asking if the two positions were open, and they still were. A few more back-and-forth emails later, it looks like I’ll be their non-fiction editor—or at least one of them. This is at the very beginning, at the ground-floor level. carbonate may take off, or it may wind up fizzling quickly out. Still, I’m glad that I finally got around to applying to be one of their editors. Writing-wise, it’s another step forward, another way to use those skills, and another connection into the writing community at large.

Like much anything else, it’s a small leap into the unknown, the taking of a risk. Of course, we’re all hoping it pans out well, and in our favor.


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