Shuddup and Write

Been in a dry spell lately. It happens. A few days ago, mired in a mopey what-does-my-writing-matter funk, I plugged my name into a search engine to see what would pop up. I received a couple hits I’d never seen before. Seems a couple of online sites that sell term papers and essays are offering one of my essays, published two years ago by High Country News.

While I’m often surprised whenever I google myself, this was a different sort of surprise. On one hand, neither I nor HCN has given any such approval for the use of, River Home. On the other hand, even though I do have feelings of disgust about these sorts of plagiarism-for-sale pirates, it is difficult for me to continue thinking my writing isn’t good, doesn’t matter. (And, in the way of further proof, I’ve had two folks ask me how my writing’s coming, and third ask the same, via FB message, within the past handful of days.)

Back when I was taking advanced comp, whenever my classmates and I would commence to whining about an assignment, Dr Cockelreas would eventually snap, “Shuddup and write!”

Twenty-some years anon, still seems the thing to do.

Writers Blocks, a gift from my sister, some Christmases ago.

Writers Blocks, a gift from my sister, some Christmases ago.



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2 responses to “Shuddup and Write

  1. megillikin

    To plagiarize Nike… Just Do It!!! 🙂

  2. Margaret,
    Maybe I could combine the two edicts: Just shuddup and do it! ;~)

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