Post-Telluride: Back Home


So, I finally left Telluride, and made it all the way home. This morning, at five o’clock, I was back at work. Even before I’d turned in my room key at the hotel I was wondering when I’d come back. This morning, I began pondering what’d it take for me to move, there.

Then, I’ve been here before. After my first two-night visit to Telluride, I began pining to move there. In so many ways, Telluride is so precisely the small town I want to settle down in. Its size, its culture of arts (even stronger than Salida’s), its proximity to mountains and wilderness, its close-knittedness, its beauty, its climate, its activities, it library, and more. However, I’m absolutely not all the only person who’s drooling and dreaming of moving there. Housing is tight, and jobs are tricky to come by. Also, the cost of living is a bit higher there than what I’m used to. To put it into perspective, Salida’s “living room,” was a café-coffeehouse; Telluride’s is a wine bar.

And the other thing is I’ve kinda stopped being engaged with life, here in Salida. My social life is still little more than the time I spend with my coworkers while we’re working at the hospital. I don’t go meet friends, don’t even go out and cross paths with friends/acquaintances. My life is essentially work and home. Therefore, I’m missing much of what Salida does have to offer. To put this in perspective, I live three blocks from the Arkansas River, yet only once this year did I go and spend time in the river—and that one time is actually a little better than average for me. (Keep in mind that I am a river person.) This is my life, here in Salida.

So, it’s not fair to compare this life with what I envision life would be like, in Telluride; or compare it to how engaged I was, this past week, while on vacation, there. Yes, Telluride is a phenomenal place. However, Salida is pretty awesome, ‘cept I hardly do anything awesome, now that I’ve lived here eleven and a half years. I highly suspect that much of problem is not so much where I’m living, but how I’m living.

But, just maybe, some of what’ll result from my past week in Telluride will be getting better engaged with life here in Salida.

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