Telluride: Day Four

Since the day before I headed for Telluride, I’be been dealing with a sore throat that developed into sinus congestion. When I began taking an allergy med, it began clearing up, but made its way into my chest. Yesterday, I spent most of the day in bed, resting (yeah, i know, i’m on vacation, already resting, right?) which allowed my body to make some massive strides in getting over whatever’s got a hold of me.

So I didn’t get any hiking done. No walking around, sorting things out. Yet it wasn’t a wasted day. I do have a tendency to push myself too far, to not take frequent enough care of myself. So for the simple fact of letting my body catch up and rest, yesterday was a good one.

I did begin worrying that I was losing sight of why I’d come. I didn’t see me continuing to make progress toward sorting things out. I was afraid of returning back to the old grind with nothing having changed. To have, therefore, have wasted my time and my opportunity, here. (See? “…a tendency to push myself too far,..”) I’d get back in the saddle, tomorrow (Monday).


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